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Will Walking 10,000 Steps A Day Help You Lose Weight?

By 11/13/2016March 13th, 2020Weight Loss
weight loss

The benefits of walking are well-documented. It’s a form of exercise that’s suitable for people of all ages, including those with health conditions such as high blood pressure and excess weight.

Many health experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day to get the most benefit of a walking program. It’s a recommendation many have chosen to follow while finding ways to fit it into their busy lives.

WHY 10,000 STEPS?

Walking can lower your blood pressure as well as your risk of developing high blood pressure, lower your risk of high cholesterol and diabetes, while also leading to fat loss.

For the average person (with an average stride), 10,000 steps equal five miles — and about 500 calories burned. Walking 10,000 steps combined with a healthy diet has been shown to help with weight loss.


The typical person walks about 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. That said, if you haven’t been following a regular fitness program you’re probably not ready to start with 10,000 steps a day.

Like any other exercise routine, start modestly and gradually increase your distance and intensity. For many, it’s helpful to add 300 steps each day. Using a pedometer, a Fitbit or even just an app on your phone will enable you to keep proper track of your steps and progress, as will keeping a journal.


A couple of ways to burn more calories as you walk is by increasing your speed and walking up hills. Regularly walking up hills will stretch and strengthen leg muscles, and walking up stairs will also help burn more calories. You can also add hand weights or ankle weights for an extra challenge.


There’s no question that walking 10,000 steps a day requires a certain time commitment, not unlike any form of exercise or fitness program. But while your daily schedule may be crammed with a variety of activities, including work and family, there are ways to reach your overall total of 10,000 steps per day:

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood with your spouse, child, or a friend
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk the dog
  • Park farther away from your workplace or store. Or, if possible, walk to the store
  • Get off the bus or train one stop beyond or before where you normally get off and walk home from there
  • Take a walk instead of watching television or scrolling through your Facebook feed
  • Vary your walking routes to avoid monotony
  • Go window-shopping
  • Get up to change the channel on the television instead of using the remote

Even if you work a desk job all day, you’d be surprised how many steps you can fit in. Why not ask your coworkers for a mid-afternoon walk to get some fresh air (and get those steps in).

The Amarillo Town Club has something for everyone to reach their fitness goals. Get in touch with our fitness department today to get started.