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Ways To Stay Fit Over The Halloween Season

By 10/24/2017March 17th, 2020Holidays, Nutrition
halloween candy

If you’re like most people, you probably indulge during Halloween and Thanksgiving. From Halloween candy and treats to sweet-filled parties and Thanksgiving dinner, it seems like the opportunities to overeat delicious but fattening food are unlimited.

Fortunately, eating a bit more than usual won’t be a problem if you commit to making healthy recipes and staying active. Follow these tips to stay fit during the holidays, and you won’t have to make a New Year’s resolution to shed weight once 2018 rolls around.


Just about everyone loves the taste of pumpkin. Unfortunately, most pumpkin-flavored treats and dishes are loaded with sugar and fat. Don’t scarf down pumpkin treats just because it’s fall. Instead, choose healthier alternatives, like pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spiced granola, homemade pumpkin muffins, or pumpkin spice teas.


Most people select Halloween candy based on taste and price, but this is a mistake that could lead to you gaining weight once November arrives. Take some time to brainstorm wholesome Halloween treats that won’t sabotage the health of trick-or-treaters or your own well-being. After all, you’ll likely reach into the treat bowl on Halloween night and the days after. Choose healthier options like animal crackers, cheese crackers, trail mix packages or fruit cups.


It’s easy to lose track of how many sweets you eat during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Write down each treat you consume so you remain aware of just how much sugar and fat you have loaded into your body.


Do not place your Halloween candy in a large bowl in the weeks or days ahead of the big night. If you have a bowl of candy sitting on your counter, the temptation to avoid snacking will be great.

You may also consider waiting until the days prior to Halloween to purchase your candy. Once you buy the candy, tuck it away in the back of your pantry. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat any until the night of trick-or-treating.


If you plan on staying at home to pass out candy on Halloween night or if you plan on attending a party, you will likely be tempted to enjoy all sorts of tasty Halloween treats. The best way to stop yourself from overindulging is to eat a meal in the late afternoon or early evening.

Fill up with healthy food containing whole grains, fiber and lean protein. Drink plenty of water. This strategy will help you feel satiated so you don’t have as strong of an urge to eat a bunch of candy or party treats.


You will do your trick-or-treaters and yourself a favor by passing out toys rather than candy on Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters will be provided with more than enough candy when they make the rounds. Opt for small toys like hacky sacks, jump ropes and bouncy balls to keep the kids active. Also, consider the fact that a bowl of toys just might inspire you to get up and moving rather than sedentary and snacking.


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