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The Ultimate Guide To Strength Training Equipment

By 09/27/2016March 13th, 2020Strength Training

Strength training is an integral part of any fitness routine but knowing where to start can be confusing if you’re a first-timer. There are hundreds of exercises associated with strength training, and also a vast array of equipment to choose from.

Understanding strength training equipment and its uses can help you make the most of your fitness program.

Here are some basics to get your started.


Generally speaking, there are two types of strength training equipment that you’ll find in most gyms: free weights and machines. Free weights are the most basic form of strength training equipment, with barbells and dumbbells being the most common.weights


A barbell is an iron bar between 4 and 7 feet long that can hold weight plates. Exercises performed with barbells require placing both hands on the bar. Olympic barbells have the longest bar and can hold an extensive amount of weight (over 800 pounds).


Much shorter than barbells – usually 10- to 15-inches long – dumbbell exercises are typically performed with one hand, with some exceptions, however. Most gyms have a rack of fixed weight dumbbells that range from 5- to 100-pounds. But there are also adjustable dumbbells in which weight plates can be attached to the bar.


In addition to free weights, many gyms also have machines which allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. There are machines designed to isolate and work individual muscles and/or muscle groups, and multi-station machines that allow you to work your whole body. Machines are generally easier to use and safer than free weights, but working with free weights tends to build more muscle overall. Incorporating both free weights and machines into your workout can provide an ideal solution.


A medicine ball is a heavy, solid ball and its use in exercise routines can be traced to the ancient Greeks. They’re versatile, portable and come in a variety of styles and sizes.


Perhaps the most common piece of equipment in any gym is the bench. They’re used as a platform to perform various exercises and usually come in three types — flat, incline, and decline. Many benches are adjustable, and often come with racks on the end for holding a barbell.


A kettlebell is so named because it’s a cast iron ball shaped like a kettle with a handle attached. Most range in size from 9 to 105 pounds. Because the weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly – as with a dumbbell – it creates the need for counter balance and stabilization during exercises performed with it.


Also known as a Swiss Ball, a stability ball allows you to perform exercises that you can also do on a bench. The ball can move and roll to enhance your balance and strength.

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