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The Secret Weapon For Conquering A Slow Metabolism

By 09/29/2016March 13th, 2020Nutrition, Weight Loss
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If you’re like most adults, you’ve noticed the effects of a slowing metabolism. You can no longer eat the same tasty foods or skip your workouts and retain that slim physique.

You’ve hit a wall, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It happens! But you need to fight back. Here’s how to fight a slow metabolism, and win!


One of the best ways to combat a slowing metabolism is to engage in strength training. Your weekly workout should include at least two strength training sessions. Add more muscle and your body will be capable of burning plenty more calories even when you are not pounding pavement or pumping iron.


Boosting the intensity of your cardio sessions will allow for “after burn.” This phenomenon refers to the burning of additional calories after your workout has ended. Don’t run, bike or swim at a casual pace. Go hard enough that it is difficult to carry on a conversation. Once you reach this level of intensity, you’ll really spike the “after burn.”


Protein is the building block of life. Consume enough protein from the right sources and you’ll have ample amino acids to revitalize your muscles following your workout.


Every single chemical reaction in the human body requires water. Your body won’t be able to burn calories if you aren’t well hydrated. So make a point of drinking water throughout the day.


Eating the bare minimum does not ensure rapid weight loss. Starving yourself will be the result of lost water and muscle. This is not the type of weight you want to lose. So don’t be afraid to chow down. Eat your fair share of good calories and you’ll retain your much-needed muscle mass.


Metabolic health is partially determined by exposure to sunlight. Mix in some outdoor workout sessions and you’ll reap the benefits of a better regulated circadian rhythm. This rhythm controls all sorts of components of the metabolic rate.


The ugly truth about this tasty topping is that it does not contain iodine, a critically important element that helps maintain a healthy thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. A body that lacks iodine will suffer from a thyroid that can’t generate thyroid hormones. As a result, the metabolism will drastically slow down.

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