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The Fit3D Scanner: Everything You Need To Know

By 10/10/2017March 17th, 2020Mind & Body, Personal Training, Weight Loss
fit 3d scan

Have you had your Fit3D Scan?

If you want to find out how healthy you really are, a Fit3D scan is the best way to go. Our Cornell location features the Fit3D Scanner, a full-body scanner that promotes overall fitness and wellbeing.


Many types of fitness measurement equipment are expensive and uncomfortable. The Fit3D Scanner is revolutionary because it’s easy to use and discomfort-free.

To use the Fit3D scanner, you simply step onto the scanner, hold onto the bars and stand as still as possible. The base rotates 360 degrees, allowing an image sensor to scan your entire body. The process is simple, accurate to half an inch and takes only 40 seconds.

The Fit3D Scanner determines:

  • The circumferences, lengths, widths and volume of every part of your body;
  • Your body shape wellness scoring – a rating based on where your mass is located;
  • Your body composition analysis, which analyzes your body fat percentage, fat mass, and lean mass;
  • Your weight;
  • Scan-to-scan visual comparison
  • And so much more.



The Fit3D Scanner’s in-depth measurements are a better indication of your overall health than a regular scale. Weight alone isn’t an accurate wellness measurement because it doesn’t take into account factors like gender, age, height and body-fat composition. All of these play a crucial role in evaluating a person’s overall wellbeing.

For instance, high body fat accumulation around the chest is much more dangerous than body fat accumulation around the thighs. Additionally, muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue, so someone with a muscular physique would weigh more than someone with more fatty tissue.

Because the Fit3D Scan compares your results with thousands of other individuals with your same age, height, weight and gender, it provides a more accurate measure of your overall health than a scale alone.

But don’t just take our word for it. People across the nation, including members of ATC, are using the Fit3D Scanner to keep track of their fitness goals and success.

“The Fit3D Scanner has been a great tool to see my progress in Team TRIBE Training! I am in my fifth season of TRIBE right now. I’ve been able to see my results in many more ways than just weight loss.”  – Trisha J., ATC Member


Fit3D scans are available to all ATC members for a special introductory price of just $10, and non-members for the price of $25. The more scans you get, the more money you save in the long run. Each scan provides the added value of understanding how fit you really are and what areas you need to work on. Speak to an ATC Sales Associate to get your scan today.

If you’re interested in trying out the Fit3D Scanner at our Cornell location, we’re currently offering a special with the October Perks Package. If you sign up for membership with the ATC during the month of October, you can get one FREE Fit3D scan, along with other discounts and freebies worth a value of $115.

Ready to give the Fit3D Scanner a spin? Ask an ATC Sales Associate how to get your scan today!