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Cutting Calories Or Cutting Carbs? Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

By 01/17/2017March 16th, 2020Weight Loss
calories or carbs

Many people are looking to lose a few pounds, especially after the gluttonous holiday season.

Some plan to reach their weight goal by cutting back on carbs. Others think it’s best to cut back on calories. The truth is that a combination of these approaches is ideal.


Simple carbs found in white bread, pastries, doughnuts, crackers, bagels and other processed foods are bad for the body. They cause insulin to bolster your body’s fat storage capability. Though foods laden with simple carbs will certainly spike your energy and provide satiation, the added fat is not worth it.

The bottom line is that foods loaded with simple carbs drastically reduce the body’s ability to burn fat.

Switch to a low-carb diet and you will find that you turn to healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, protein-packed meat, fish and whole-grains. If you find life becomes a bit depressing without those tasty carbs, you don’t have to go “cold turkey.” Transition to foods with complex carbs rather than refined carbs. eat beans, healthy cereals, vegetables and leafy greens rather than white bread and pastries.


Those who emphasize limited caloric intake key in on the fact that weight loss can be achieved if one burns more calories than he consumes. Unfortunately, most people live a fairly sedentary existence.

We wake up, get on the computer, eat breakfast, sit in our cars to drive to work, spend the day at the desk, drive home and eat dinner. Each of these activities requires excessive sitting.

An inactive lifestyle will lead to weight gain or a weight plateau if one eats too many calories. So, it does make sense to count calories. However, you can burn more calories than you consume and still end up with health issues if you eat the wrong foods.

Eliminate foods that contain:

  • simple carbohydrates
  • excessive sugar
  • high levels of sodium

Counting calories is also a tiresome process. Add in the fact that the recommended caloric intake differs by factors such as one’s weight, age and level of activity.  It’s easy to see why many give up counting calories after a few weeks!

A steadfast commitment to restricting calories can even lead to a nutritional imbalance. In the end, a combination of healthy eating, calorie awareness and exercise is the ideal way to lose weight.


Watching what you eat is important yet regular exercise is the best way to burn away the fat. The Amarillo Town Club has a variety of fitness options to get you moving.

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