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Are You Putting Yourself At Risk When You Run?

By 09/13/2016March 16th, 2020Cardio
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Running is an excellent way to burn body fat and get your heart pumping. Yet most of us make some serious mistakes when we’re pounding pavement, using a treadmill or traversing trails.

Keep reading to find out if you are running the right way or if you are putting your body at risk.


One of the most common running mistakes is attempting to run too much in too little time. If you aren’t in tip-top shape, do not attempt to complete a marathon. Those who have spent the majority of their free time on the couch in the past months or years should start out easy. Try to run half a mile or a full mile during your first few runs. Gradually ramp up the intensity and extent of your runs over the ensuing weeks and months to reduce the odds of an injury.


If you have any type of lower body injury, running will likely aggravate it. Give your body enough time to rest and recuperate before returning to your routine. Do not assume your injury has healed just because it feels better. When in doubt, abide by the RICE method: Rest, Ice and Compression and Elevation.


The most intense segments of interval training should not force you to the point of exhaustion. Interval training is centered on altering the intensity of your workout with regular breaks that return your heart rate to normal. Taking it to the max on the most challenging segments of your run will heighten your chance of an injury. Start out slow and gradually alternate intensity levels without “tapping out.”


Plenty of fitness devotees have embraced barefoot running. Others think that any old pair of sneakers will suffice. Ideally, you will try out an array of different running sneakers to determine which are best. Do not settle on a pair until you are satisfied with their support, rise and cushioning.


Drinking water is not necessarily the best way to make it through a run. Have a sports drink with electrolytes. Electrolytes replenish your muscles and give you the energy you need to run to the best of your ability.

Eat food with carbohydrates and protein within 45 minutes of your run. A banana is the ideal pre-workout snack as it contains protein, potassium and carbohydrates.

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