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9 Spring Activities In Amarillo The Whole Family Will Enjoy

By 03/17/2017March 16th, 2020Family
family hiking

Family Activities in Amarillo

Trying to find ideas to keep your children active this spring? Try one of these 10 activities to make the most of the season.

1. Go For A Picnic

Take advantage of a spring afternoon by having a family picnic. Head over to one of Amarillo’s many local parks and relish in some food and fun with the family. While you’re out, embrace the Texas Panhandle winds with a little kite flying.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Water Fun

Pull out the slip-n-slide or the old sprinkler and cool off with some water fun in the yard. Or challenge your kids to a water balloon fight. Or, take a trip to the pool. The pool is especially great on those unseasonably warm spring days to help stay cool and active at the same time. *Most Amarillo pools don’t open until May. Check the schedule here.

Want to just play in the pool all summer? The Amarillo Town Club’s Summer Membership provides full access to our outdoor pools!

3. Make Outdoor Art

Pick up some sidewalk chalk and let your kids’ imagination run wild. Challenge them to make their very own art display on your driveway or walkway. Not so much into creating art, but appreciate it? Amarillo has an amazing art scene.

4. Go On A Nature Hike

A nature hike is a great way to mix exercise, learning, and fun. Take a trip to Palo Duro Canyon or Wildcat Bluff and have them take pictures of their favorite plant life or rock formation. When you get home, research the plants and geology.

5. Visit The Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Want to take in a wide array of nature at once? Visit the Amarillo Botanical Gardens to view breathtaking exhibits while learning some interesting botany facts and information.

6. Go To The Drive-in

Take your kids to a family-friendly movie at the Tascosa Drive-In Theater. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and help the kids wind down for the night. Enjoy a throwback to the 50s while watching your movie.

7. Play Sports

Get your kids’ hearts pumping with a little bit of friendly competition. Practice some soccer moves, enjoy a friendly game of volleyball, tennis or maybe even dust off that old croquet set. You can even challenge your children’s creativity by having them create their own sport for you to play.

8. Go Fishing

Fishing is a great activity for a warm spring day. Not only will you get your kids outside, but the fish will be hungry after their winter hibernation. Find out where to fish in Amarillo here.

9. Go Camping

Pack your kids up for a camping trip at Palo Duro Canyon or simply pitch a tent in your own backyard. Roast marshmallows, identify stars, and maybe even tell some tall tales.

If you’re looking for family activities in Amarillo, check out the youth programs and swim lessons available at the Amarillo Town Club. We have programs and classes available for all ages.