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12 Things You Can’t Forget For Your Child’s First Swim Lesson

By 04/20/2017March 16th, 2020Swim, Youth
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Your child’s first swim lesson is a huge milestone — for them and for you!

For a successful swim lesson, and one that doesn’t end in tears, it’s important to be prepared.


Before your kid can become a swimming pro, they must have the necessary tools. Here are 12 things you can’t leave home without.

1. Comfortable Swimsuit

Comfort is important for children learning to swim. They’re likely already a bit nervous, so having a swimsuit that fits well and doesn’t irritate their skin can make the lesson much more enjoyable.

2. Fun Towel

If your child isn’t thrilled about their first swim lesson, making it fun can help. One way to do that is to let your child choose a bright, colorful towel with their favorite color, cartoon character or superhero.

3. Goggles

Make sure your child has a pair of goggles and earplugs in case they need them. Goggles not only protect your child’s eyes, but they may also give them confidence when in the water.

4. Ear Plugs

Some children refuse to go in the water without ear plugs. Ear plugs are especially important if your child suffers from recurrent ear infections, too.

5. Snacks

Your child’s sure to be famished after working hard in the pool. Make sure your kid eats well in plenty of time for their food to digest before he dives in, and have a snack ready and waiting for when he’s done.

6. Change of Clothes

Wet swimsuits cause irritation on young kids’ skin. Be prepared to change your child’s clothes as soon as possible after the swim lesson.

7. Plastic Bag

Going along with the previous item, a plastic bag is ideal for stashing that wet swimsuit.

8. Important Medical Information

If your child suffers from any medical condition, the instructor needs to know in order to help keep them safe. The health and safety of your child is the number one priority for both you and the instructor.

9. Drinking Water

Don’t be fooled by your child being in the water —  hydration is essential. Be sure to have plenty of water available before, during, and after the lesson.

10. Regular & Swim Diapers

This one applies to parents of toddlers and babies. Swim diapers are required in the pool, and it’s always beneficial to bring along at least two regular diapers (or pull-ups) and wipes.

11. Sunscreen

If your kid’s swim lessons are going to be held in an outdoor pool, don’t forget sunscreen. And just because it’s waterproof and sweatproof doesn’t mean you don’t have to reapply.

12. Your Own Necessities

If you’re participating in the swim lesson with your child (like during a toddler/parent class), prepare your items as well as your kid’s.

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Learning to swim is an exciting time in your child’s life, but it can also be daunting for a parent. Download our free Swim Lessons Class Guide and find which class is best for your child.