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10 Reasons Your Kid Should Attend A Youth Camp

By 03/14/2017March 16th, 2020Group Fitness, Youth
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If you’re a parent, one of the best ways to help your kids grow is to send them to youth camp. Regardless of how your children feel about time away from home, they will ultimately benefit from the youth camp experience.

Here are 10 ways youth camps can benefit your children.


Every youngster needs to develop a healthy sense of independence. If your child is totally dependent on you and rarely leaves your side, he or she may develop dependency issues. Let your kids spread their wings!

Social Skills

Youth camp surrounds your child with other youngsters. Kids forge bonds, enjoy fun activities and ultimately refine social skills.

Get out of the House

Kids spend way too much time indoors these days. A week or two at youth camp will get your child away from the screens. He or she will have the opportunity to have fun under the sun, playing sports, building teamwork skills, making arts and crafts and socializing with others.

We’re thinking about expanding our youth fitness services. If you’re interested in youth sports training at the ATC, let us know in the comment section below!


The typical kid’s schedule is structured to the extent that they don’t have a chance to unwind and explore his curiosities. A break from his typical routine with a youth camp stay will serve as a much-needed refresher.

It Gives You a Breather

The typical parent needs a break from their kids just as much as kids needs a break from their parents. Send your child to youth camp and you will have the chance to work on yourself.

Much-needed Exercise

Kids spend most of their day sitting down in school, on the bus and at home. It’s time to get your kiddo moving with physical activities at youth camp where they will run, jump, hike, climb and swim.


A successful stay at youth camp bolsters children’s self-perception. They will enjoy non-competitive activities, prove to themselves they can survive without Mom and Dad, and learn new skills.


Youth camp provides some challenges that force kids to expand their boundaries and grow. Some will struggle, but will ultimately emerge with a new sense of self after growing pains.

Relish the Joy of Free Time

Youth camp is somewhat structured but also provides the opportunity for kids to enjoy free time in which they select their activities. Some will choose to play sports with others. Certain youngsters will create games of their own. This unstructured free time lets kids be themselves and enjoy spontaneous activities.

Reconnect with Nature

Youth camp is centered on outdoor activities. This is your child’s chance to reconnect with nature after excessive screen time.

Amarillo Town Club

We have a number of great youth programs available at the Amarillo Town Club. We are also looking into expanding our youth fitness services. If you are interested in youth sports training at the ATC, contact our Fitness Dept. at 806-468-0336 or email fitness@amarillotownclub.